A few cards

The picture below is the face of the first GemXpresso card produced at Gemplus, for the Cartes 1997 demo. Those were not the firts Java Card cards (those would have to be Cyberflex cards), but they were the first cards compatible with Java Card 2.0.

GemXpresso blue

If you look at it in detail, you can see that, although the demo was quite hot during the show, we did not get the hottest card design available. The motto, The power of Java in your pocket, is not that great. But still, we were very proud of them.

Another thing that we were very proud of was our demo. There were actually several demos showing, and one of them was showing off the wonders of RMI on smart cards, using actual code, and wonderfully interactive windows. Here is one of them:

Invoking a method with the original GemXpresso

Now that I think of it, this demo was really daring, and there haven’t been many demos like that at Cartes. Even for Java Card 3, Gemalto has show some cards at Cartes, but their demo was focused on applications, not on code. Only Oberthur had a demo with JSP technology that was based on the same idea: yes, we made this technology fit in a smart card. And I loved it.

Gemalto, though, has shown other demos with code, but not at Cartes. For instance, we have seen some demos with code last May at JavaOne, and it felt great. I don’t have screen dumps for these demos, but I can still show you the design of the card:

Gemalto JC3

I don’t know if they did it on purpose, but it strangely resembles the original GemXpresso card, with a blue background and a yellow-orange area for the motto. In the inside, however, things were quite different, ajd just as innovative.

I will try to bring more pictures of “historical” cards and other material. Because of my CV, I have more information about Gemplus cards, but I would welcom bits of histories from other companies of the time, like Schlumberger, Delarue, and others.

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