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Ramblings about how things were better, more interesting, and more a few years back.

Inside Java Card: From APDUs to CAP File and Interoperability

As promised in the previous post, here are a few Java Card stories. Over the almost 20 years of Java Card history, many design decisions have been taken on the product: some successful, some less successful. Here are a few stories of these discussions/decisions. API vs. APDU Before Java Card, a smart card specification consisted […]

Java Card, a farewell

My Oracle story has ended, and with it my Java Card story, at least for now. I started working on the technology in February 1997, and I have never been very far from the technology for almost 20 years. However, Java Card is not in the scope of my next job, as I will focus […]

Chip to Cloud, day 2: Java Card, 15 years later

Yes, this is my own session, so this is not really live. The idea is here to identify the most important events in the past 15 years of Java Card, and to take a look at the future. So, here are the selected events: 1996, Java on a smart card. That’s even more than 15 […]

Java Card is 15 years old

I just realized that I missed Java Card’s 15th birthday. This birthday was sometime in the end of October, 1996. I don’t have the exact date, because the only document I have is the Java Card API: Specification of the Java Virtual Machine and Application Programmer’s Interface, version 0.13, dated October 10, 1996. Although this […]

Live from Smart Event: Java Card 3.0 objectives

Last night, I was preparing an introduction for the Smart University session on Java Card 3.0, and I was looking for Java Card Forum material that would somehow prove how early the work started on that topic. I was expecting something around 2003-2004. I first noticed that in 2004, we already had a first architecture […]

Large Card Collider

Today, CERN’S Large Hadron Collider has started working for the first time. It is not collecting data yet, but when it will, it will generate 300 Gb/second, requiring a significant amount of computing resources. This raw input will be filtered locally into a more reasonable stream of 300Mb/second. That stream will be again processed at […]

A few cards

The picture below is the face of the first GemXpresso card produced at Gemplus, for the Cartes 1997 demo. Those were not the firts Java Card cards (those would have to be Cyberflex cards), but they were the first cards compatible with Java Card 2.0. If you look at it in detail, you can see […]

10 years ago: Java Card 1.0 on JavaWorld

At the end of 1997 and at the beginning of 1998, and around the release of Java Card 2.0, JavaWorld ran a series of articles on Java Card. Most of these articles were written by Sun employees, and in particular Rinaldo di Giorgio, Zhiqun Chen, and Arthur Coleman. These articles are interesting, because they show […]

Happy Birthday, Java Card 2.0 !

I think that today marks the real anniversary of Java Card technology, as the first official release of the Java Card 2.0 specification is dated October 13, 1997. This is just 6 months after the creation of the Java Card Forum, and the result is far from negligible. Many of the concepts that are still […]

Java Card 2.0

I finally found some of the original Java Card 2.0 specifications. It was not all that straightforward, but globally, it was not that difficult, and I should have found all that earlier. The first interesting is that there still is a Java Card 2.0 product page on Sun’s web site. Most of the content is […]