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I worked on my JavaOne slides today, and I searched for the “java card” keyword on the conference catalog. It returned 6 references, all of course related to Java Card 3.0. And on top of it, the content is rather diverse. Of course, you will get a few basic talks:

  • Step-by-Step Development of an Application for the Java Card 3.0 Platform, by Sun’s Anki Nelaturu and myself, is likely to be the most basic talk. We will follow a simple example and try to describe several topics.
  • Java Card 3 Platform: A Platform for Embedded Systems, by Saqib Ahmad (Sun) and Laurent Lagosanto and Patrick Van Haver (Gemalto), will focus on the use of Java Card 3.0 outside of the smart card area. Expect a few interesting use cases, and possible directions for the technology.

Interestingly, a majority of the talks will be rather practical, about applications or integration with existing technologies:

  • Integrating Java Card 3.0 Technology into the Desktop Environment, by Sun’s Sebastian Hans, will explain how Java Card 3.0 can be integrated with existing networks and applications.
  • Project playSIM: Experimenting with Java Card 3 System Programming, by Eric Arseneau (Sun) and Fritjof Engelhardtsen (Telenor), will present a platform based on Sun SPOT that uses the Java Card 3 application framework, and that will allow you to experiment with Java Card 3 in a variety of embedded environments
  • Demonstration of Electronic Health Records (EHR) on Java Card 3.0 Technology-Based Devices, by Nicolas Anciaux (INRIA) and Jean-Jacques Vandewalle (Gemalto) will be the most practical talk, with a real use case, and a rather hot one on top of it, for which Java Card 3 is a contender.

Finally, one of the presentations will be in a forma that is new for Java Card:

  • Java Card Platform Puzzlers, by Alexander Glasman, Hema Kalsi, Thierry Violleau, and Lichun Zhan (all from Sun) will look at the Java Card 3.0 Connected Platform in an entertaining. Expect a good mix of of fun and highly technical information from these guys.

Overall, the lineup looks quite interesting, and I am looking forward to this conference, which is very much the official launch party for Java Card 3.0, as the official release of the TCK and RI next month will allow licensees to officially sell products based on the technology.

See you there!


  • Hi Eric
    Is it possible for you o upload these presentation please. so that we can learn more about Java Card 3 technology.
    I searched a lot in web but I couldnt find any.
    Thanks a lot

  • All JavaOne sessions are now online, including slides (PDF) and audio recording. My session with Brian is right here, an my session about embedded security is here.

    I haven’t checked the audio, though…

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