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You may have noted that I have switched back to this blog’s original title, On the road to Bandol. This original title comes from the fact that Bandol was the codename chosen by Sun for the Java Card release that became 3.0, combined with the fact that, for me, Bandol is quite close to home; in fact, it is about halfway between the two places that I may call home. I decided to change the title about one year ago, when Java Card 3.0 was officially released (the end of the road), and when I started blogging more often about things not related to Java Card.

Now, the original title is back, and it does not only mean that I am going backwards. Here are a few reasons that led me to bring the title back:

  • Java Card Bandol has been released, but we can’t say that millions are being sold every day (whereas millions of Java Card 2 card are actually sold every day). We may not be at the end of the road quite yet.
  • Java Card Bandol is about personal Web servers, personal connectivity, and personal security. As a way to host local applications, it competes with handsets and other devices. basically, whatever I have been talking about is in the same ecosystem.
  • I like the idea of being on the road, because I don’t feel that the things I am talking about are stable these days, so we should not really act like established people.
  • Several people mentioned to me that they liked the original title, and I kind of liked it myself.

I can’t tell what will happen in the future, but I have a strong interest to things related to VRM and other user-controlled initiatives. We (the users) need to free ourselves from the marketers/vendors/stores who have taken control of our personal data.

Java Card will still be around, but there will be other things in here.

Let’s reclaim our data!

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