Live from J1: Sun launches a Java app store

Way after Apple, and after Google, Nokia and Vodafone, Sun is launching an app store. Of course, it is an app store with a few twists:

  • First, it is a warehouse. It means that Sun’s objective is to help others build actual stores. So, Sun will take care of the application screening and selection, and of the actual distribution and installation.
  • Then, Sun will provide applications not only to mobile phones, but also to desktop PCs. And PCs definitely is a market where Java is strong.
  • Sun will provide a preview mode, in which the application is temporarily installed on your PC. Their main claim is that it makes it simple to remove an unwanted application. This is really nice, but I sure hope that even after buying an application, it will be easy to eventually remove an app. Also, I wonder if I will be able to preview a mobile app on my PC; that would be cool.

Of course, the information is very incomplete: no word on app selection criteria, no word on DRM, and other fun things. I will definitely take a look at the store, which is currently in Beta mode.

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