Live from J1: Java Card 3.0.1 has arrived

This time, the final release of Java Card 3.0.1 has been delivered to everybody, and it is a full release, with specifications, as well as two development kits. All of this is available on Sun’s Java Card page.

I saw a first demo of the latest Netbeeans tool. It definitely looks great, and it seems to work, too. Tomorrow will also be the big Java Card afternoon, with two technical sessions in a row, followed by two BOF sessions in the evening. More news about this tomorrow.


  • My question maybe stupid… but as the SUN dev kit do not contain any hardware part… do you know some online place to buy JavaCard 3 sample SIM/cards ?

  • Let’s start by the official answer. The Java Card 3.0.1 specification has just been released, and it is also the first version that comes with an official TCK (Technology Compatibility Kit). This means that official Java Card 3.0 products were not available before yesterday, but they can come today.

    More realistically, only Gemalto and Oberthur have shown prototype implementations, and they don’t seem ready for products yet. So, if you really want a card, you will have to find a project to justify it, and then get in touch with the right guys at GTO or OT. Good luck!

  • Hey Eric,

    Were there any specific changes from 3.0 to 3.0.1?

  • Matt Wu wrote:

    3 years has passed, I still can’t find a vendor who sells Javacard 3.0 hardware (ok I only googled it). Anyone here know where to get them?

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