HTC Magic: A nice Android workout application

One of the cool applications of having a GPS in your phone is that I can map your bike rides, and then try to figure out where I took a wrong turn. I live in a semi-urban area with lots of woods, and lots of tracks in these woods, not all of them present on maps.

I have been looking for a such an application for a while for my HTC Magic, and the first one I found (My Tracks, from Google) wasn’t great. It had the same sloppy look that many Android applications have, and the online site really reminded me that it was a prototype from a research team rather than a real product.

My new application is SportyPal. It is a port from an existing iPhone application, it works well, it has a godd-looking Web interface (here is an example), and it was even free.

I consider this really good news, because it means that some companies are feeling that Android is interesting enough to port their iPhone applications.

Maybe that my next step will be to actually buy an Android application …

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