Back to work with a cool gadget

It’s been a while … In the meantime, a good vacation, with no WiFi connectivity and the perfect excuse to leave the laptop in its bag and enjoy the sun and the sea. So, unlike last year, no multiple tutorial entries. Back at home and at work this week, and slowly adapting to this new environment.

Looking at my favorite blogs, I found a cool gadget that would have helped me a few times in the past weeks: a pocket light that shows maps. Definitely the best gadget I have seen in a while. I love to walk randomly in the cities I visit, and this little thing (which projects a map of your current location on any good surface) would allow me to take more risks.

Of course, I can’t help giving a bit of advice to Samsung: if I could use this device a s a secondary screen to a mobile device (Blueetooth screen?), that would be really, really cool.


  • Yes,

    Bluetooth enabled would be VERY nice…

    Welcome back Eric!

  • Bluetooth would be nice, BUT is there a profile for external screens in Bluetooth? There sure isn’t an API on any device …

  • Yeah, there’s two:

    1. The Basic Image Profile, which could be used to send a static image, or a screen shot.

    2. Video Distribution Profile, which is what you’re really looking for. It allows for streaming video between two Bluetooth devices.

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