The end of JavaOne 2010

So, that’s it, JavaOne is fnished for me. It has been quite dense, with many sessions and a few interesting discussions. It leaves me with mixed feelings, though.

On the good side, Oracle has shown some commitment to a Java roadmap, and this enormous conference has proven that Oracle plays at a different level; this may be very good for some technologies, if Java is able to find its place in the Oracle offer.

On the bad side, mobile did not look very good. Strong words were spoken about commitment, but the roadmap is not clear. Even worse, there were few exhibitors from the mobile world at JavaOne (a few at Oracle OpenWorld, but that’s another story), and it basically left me uncertain about the technology. The only message seems to be that Java is dominant on low-end phones, and that LWUIT and the upcoming Web extensions will bring smartphone apps to all these basic devices. I guess that we will have to wait to see how these features get supported by major OEM platforms.

In technical terms, the main tendency has definitely been the integration of Web applications with Java applications. HTML5 renderers and JavaScript /REST oriented tools/APIs were everywhere, from servers to mobile phones. Of course, JavaFX was also mentioned in almost every talk, but since I did not hear anybody boasting deployment/usage numbers, I guess that it’s still going uphill.

Now, if anybody from Oracle strongly disagrees with these candid views, feel free to provide an alternative view in comments. I would love to be proven wrong on my mobile feeling.

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