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After way too much time, I finally upgraded WordPress to a more recent release. I now feel modern and clean. However, the main change is philosophical, as I have changed my way to get revenue. I have removed the Google ads, which were in most cases completely irrelevant, and I have replaced them with a Flattr button. This allows you readers to reward me directly if you like a post, rather than relying on random Google ad that I have no control about.

Why Flattr? Well, I looked around, and I really liked the idea behind it. I decide on a fixed amount on money to spend every month, and this amount is shared between all the items that I “Flattr” during a given month. The amounts don’t have to be enormous (minimum is 2€ per month), but the idea is here to regain power over our consumption of information.

Also, Flattr is also getting in the real world, with the possibility to use QR-code tags on physical items, allowing for instance visitors to show their appreciation for a work of art they see somewhere without necessarily buying it. This is supported by an Android application, which is even better.

Now, the question is to know whether what revenue Flattr will bring me compared to Google. My Adsense revenue was really small on this blog, around 20€/year, which basically paid for the hosting. Of course, that’s not the real reason for maintaining this blog. And actually, this is one additional reason to move to Flattr: in addition to the potential revenue, Flattr gives me the ability to get some information about the users who like what I write, share ideas with me, and other “social” advantages.

I’ll keep you updated on this. If I have the courage, the next step is SEO. For some reason, it has always been hard for me to become interested in this, but I would really like to see if this can make me climb up the charts. Also on the stack, the global look and feel of the site is becoming far from perfect, and the latest additions aren’t really well integrated; expect a few experiments in the coming weeks.

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