Chip to Cloud, day 1: Mobile authentication

Presentation from Vasco’s Nicolas Fort. Of course, the use case is about banking, since this Vasco’s stronghold. Banks have been used to interface with customers face to face in branches. 40 years ago, they added the phone, first with a human on the bank’s end, then without. They then added the ATM network to check balance. And then came internet.

Internet banking has now taken over as the main interface with banks, with of course a shift to mobile devices in the recent years. In the end, banking is adapting quite fast to technology, because customers expect them to move fast (if they don’t, customers can switch).

So, the banking ecosystem has adapted to integrate new technologies, and they do that fast. Of course, at least according to Vasco, the problem is fraud, and the solution is authentication. Vasco’s answer includes platgorm evaluation (jailbroken or not?), user evaluation (2-factor authentication), transaction evaluation (2-factor authentication again) and finally validation.

The next idea is to use NFC to improve 2-factor authentication, for instance to provision keys, to perform WYSIWYS checks. On the opposite, 2-factor authentication can benefit to NFC, by providing flexible authentication.

That all sounds interesting, but I will need a bit more technical information to undrstand what they are saying. In particular, I am always careful with solutions in which one of the 2 factors needed for authentication isnthe device on which I want to do something. This may not be very rational, bit I am not feeling good about it.

Of course, this presentation was a lot about advertising, and yiu can better understand where Vasco is going to by getting to MyDigipass. This offer sounds interesting for securing online accounts. Maybe that I will consider giving it a try.

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