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Identity applications, like e-passport and other driving licenses and identity cards.

Chip to Cloud, day 2: My personal attribute hub

This is a talk by Annette Laube, from the University of Bern. It builds on Switzerland’s eID program, extending it for new uses. The idea of national eIDs is to provide electronic signatures, and to certify personal attributes taken from official documents like a passport. The SuisseID used in Switzerland is a tradtional one, in […]

Chip to Cloud, day 1: Mobile authentication

Presentation from Vasco’s Nicolas Fort. Of course, the use case is about banking, since this Vasco’s stronghold. Banks have been used to interface with customers face to face in branches. 40 years ago, they added the phone, first with a human on the bank’s end, then without. They then added the ATM network to check […]

Chip to Cloud live, day 1: Opening panel on eID in Europe

This is the conference formerly known as e-Smart. Apart from changing its name, the conference has also moved from Sophia Antipolis to Nice. No more bike riding from home to conference this year. However, the new setting at Acropolis is really nice, with a lot of room. To celebrate that, I have decide to attend […]

Cloning e-passports

Bruce Shneier has pointed to another article on the security of e-passports. This one focuses on cloning, but contrarily to a previous article, which simply mentioned that cloning was possible (which is natural, since nothing is done to avoid it), the authors now look for ways to actually exploit the cloned passports. The ideas are […]

FIDIS study on passports

As mentioned by Bruce Schneier, FIDIS, a network of excellence on identification systems, has published the Budapest Declaration that lists security issues with the current electronic passport schemes. This is a very interesting read, as it outlines many potential issues. One of them is related to the “victim identification” threat that interests me. Since the […]

e-passport security

There have been several posts on Bruce Schneier’s blog about e-passports, including a recent one. Bruce’s views are interesting, and he raises interesting issues about RFID on passports. On the other hand, the comments posted on this post and related ones, show that there are lots of misunderstandings about the technology. Of course, this is […]