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Live from J1: The PlaySIM Project

The PlaySIM project is about using a SunSPOT device as a Java Card 3.0-enabled SIM card. It is a collaboration between Sun and Telenor, and as far as I know, it is the first experiment based on Java Card 3.0 performed by a mobile operator. The interest of this project is to combine the expressive […]

Update on Android and the SIM card

One year ago, I blogged on Android security. I recently received a comment asking if my impression had changed now that Android actually exists, even on devices. Well, no. Not at all.

Android Security

Mobile application platforms are interesting for smart card developers, because most mobile phones host some kind of a SIM card, which stands good chances to be a Java Card. Of course, if we are thinking in terms of Java Card 3.0, since the card is a Web server, there is very little to do in […]

Putting a SIM on a mobile PC

As of today, only a minority of people use 3G interfaces on PC’s. In fact, the most avid users I know work for an operator, which greatly lowers the connection cost. Nevertheless, 3G is an interesting way to get basic connectivity on a PC, since it reuses an existing infrastructure. Still at the SIM Summit, […]

Adapting the phone to new SIM cards

Although major phone manufacturers often are smart card foes, some actors in this field pay great interest to SIM cards. One of them is Purple Labs, which designs specific devices for MNOs. Since their customers like smart cards, they understand their importance. Jean-Marie André, of Purple Labs, made a presentation at the SIM Summit in […]