Another Java Card 3.0 Sesames award !

This edition of Cartes definitely is a good one for Java Card 3.0. After Gemalto, it is now Oberthur Technologies’ turn to get a Sesames for a product based on Java Card 3.0. This time, it is a SIM oriented product, which Oberthur describes as follows (in French):

Sésame de la meilleure application Mobile, GIGANTIC WUAOW est une carte SIM multimédia aux caractéristiques révolutionnaires: 512 megabytes, SWP (Single Wireless Protocol) compatible NFC, USB-IC, Java card 3.0 et intégrant une base de données de type SQL.

In english: It is a big SIM, with 512 Mb Flash, support for SWP protocol for NFC, a USB interface, Java Card 3.0, and even a SQL database. I really like the database part, because I have this feeling that interesting applications will need to structure their data, and databases are just practical to do this. In addition, with a database, at least part of the burden of managing data is delegated to the platform, which is always nice.

This announcement is quite a surprise, because the initial description of the Wuaow product did not include any reference to Java Card 3.0. So, let’s see if more surprising good news keep flowing.

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