Java Card 3.0 got its first Sesames award!

Today marks the beginning of our annual fair, when the entire smart card industry gathers in Paris for the Cartes event. Like usual, this event started with the Sesames award, and this year, Gemalto only got one (usually, they get several).

But this Sesames is not like the previous ones, because it is named Smart Card Web Mashups, and here is its description from Gemalto’s own press release:

Smart Card Web Mashups is the first implementation of the Java Card 3.0 specifications through a technological solution that combines content and applications from various Web server. One of the servers is embedded in a USB device and provides personal data and services to the USB key holder, such as a contact book, notes, passwords, videos or images. The information is directly managed in a web browser via applications like YouTube or a Personal Information Manager (PIM) portal embedded in the USB key. The mashup technology allows enriching the services stored in the device with online content, or personalizing Web applications with personal data. For example, the contact book in the key enriches each address with a geographical map provided by an online service. Similarly, an online mapping service can be personalized with the contact book in the key to localize the persons.

The fact that mashups get the first Java Card 3.0-related Sesames award is a very good sign, because it truly is a new thing, in which the sensitive content from the card is mixed with generic content from the Web. There are many applications to this technique, and one thing that the press release does not say is that one of the great advantages of this technology is the ability to protect your privacy, by keeping some of the information local to your card.

So, congratulations to the Gemalto team, and let’s hope that we will get this technology to many more successes in smart cards, and beyond that.

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  • do you have any information if there are already any javacard 3.0 cards publicly available? i’m looking for these cards as a developer, so i don’t mind if the implementation is not complete (according to the specification).

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