Google ads in Java Card 3 ?

You may have noticed that I have added Google Ads to this blog. Well, it’s the crisis, and you never know, it may bring in a few extra bucks. Of course, I know that I don’t have millions of readers, so this is not the only motivation.

I have been busy in the past week preparing a tutorial and training on Java Card, and this has included learning about JavaScript (yuk!), and a little bit about mashups. And of course, when you talk about mashups, Google Adsense is an interesting idea. So, I decided to sign in to Adsense, to see how it worked.

Well, it is definitely simple to use, and it only took me a few minutes to start, and less than two hours to tune. So now, this blog includes some ads. I also have included a Google-based search on the site, which happens to be work better than the default search, which reminds us of how Google started. If you have strong feelings about it (good or bad), just let me know by sending a comment.

The next question is: could I include such ads in a Java Card 3.0 ad?

Well, maybe, but at least, it won’t be easy. Here are a few of the reasons:

  • Adsense wants to analyze your content, and it may not be that easy to analyze the content of a Java Card 3.0 application.
  • When using Sun’s RI, the default URI is http://localhost:8019, and cards are quite likely to have a very local address. Not that easy for Google.

Obviously, Adsense has not been designed to work with Java Card 3.0, as Java Card 3.0 cards are a new kind of personal Web servers, with very personal Web applications. So personal that they are actually difficult to analyze with the traditional means. However, there is a potential market here, as these personal Web servers are quite likely to be able to serve very well targeted ads (remember, they are supposed to be used for really personal information).

Maybe the next step for Google.

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