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NFC Tags to Empower Users in The Internet of Everything Else

Here is a continuation to my ramblings about the solely private use of NFC tags. I have already mentioned that there would be many benefits in considering some tags as public goods, and now, I wll focus on tags to be associated to things, as owned by companies or individuals. I have pompously called this […]

RFID in schools, or Security vs. Transparency

I recently became enthusiastic about how wonderful transparent security would be. I still feel that way, but we also need to define limits on transparency. The example of a girl being expelled from her school because she refuses to wear a RFID badge (through @stoweboyd) is interesting. The issue is rather simple. A school has […]

Chip to Cloud live, day 1: Opening panel on eID in Europe

This is the conference formerly known as e-Smart. Apart from changing its name, the conference has also moved from Sophia Antipolis to Nice. No more bike riding from home to conference this year. However, the new setting at Acropolis is really nice, with a lot of room. To celebrate that, I have decide to attend […]

Cloud (mis)authentication

I just read an amazing and chilling story about cloud authentication and hacking. Some guy just lost a big chunk of his digital life, because cloud authentication is not secure, or maybe even more, because cloud authentication is not enough standardized/regulated/watched. In his case (read the story, I won’t repeat it here, and it is […]

Best wishes and post-holiday rant

First, since this is my first post of the year, let me wish you all the best for 2012, hoping that it will bring a lot of interesting things around mobile security, Java Card, and all these things. My first post will be a rant about something that is very-much holiday-related for me: package deliveries. […]

The government wants us to protect our assets

The French government has recently published a law, and some details of the application degree have led to strong reactions from the industry, including a suit by the French association of social online services. The suit is about a recent law that forces sites to retain a lot of information about their users, and to […]

The Personal Web

Doc Searls’ latest post points to a post by Louis Ray defining the third wave of the Web (a.k.a. Web 3.0) as the Personal Web. The value of the first wave was in the information itself (static Web, a.k.a. Web 1.0); the value of the second wave was in the sharing of information (social web, […]

Small steps

After way too much time, I finally upgraded WordPress to a more recent release. I now feel modern and clean. However, the main change is philosophical, as I have changed my way to get revenue. I have removed the Google ads, which were in most cases completely irrelevant, and I have replaced them with a […]

Best Wishes for 2011

A new year is beginning, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have been reading this blog, commenting on it, and basically supporting me throughout these years. Although I have not been very active, the year has been tough, and this blog has brought some support at crucial […]

Live from JavaOne: Identity for Services in the Cloud

The next talk was about Identity for Services in the Cloud, by Jiandong Guo and Symon Chang. Their focus was to promote their favorite solution, which has been around for a while, and whose objective is to clearly separate authentication from authorization using standards. Their scheme is quite classical: The client gets a SAML token […]